Planting Churches for Our Children Like the One We Always Wanted

WellSpring - Hammondsport

WellSpring Hammondsport is an extension of WellSpring Fellowship in Penn Yan, New York. While we are a new church in town we have a long history and deep commitment to the area. We will be meeting in the historic Presbyterian Church beginning Sunday, September 11, 2022.
Contact: Jeff and Karen Martello at 719-439-1739 - Family Counseling Available
GPS Address: 1 Park Place, Hammondsport, NY 14840
Meeting Time: Sunday mornings at 10:00am and on Wednesday at 7:00pm in area homes.
How to Give: wellspringfellowship.com/giveplease put Hammondsport in the memo line.
GPS Address 1 Park Place, Hammondsport, NY 14840
GPS Address 90 Lewis St., Geneva, NY 14456

Faith Community Church - Geneva

Faith Community Church in Geneva, New York, has joined with WellSpring Fellowship in Penn Yan in order to reach the city for Christ. This old stone church has historic roots, which go back to the days of the Finney revival which came to the area back in 1831. Pastor Penn serves as the pastor in order to lead the church during this time of change.
Our meeting times are at each Sunday morning at 10:00 and on Wednesday at 6:30pm for care groups.
Something new is happening in the old historic church!
To learn more about the history Geneva and Charles G. Finney, go to www.finney-revival.com

WellSpring - Brownville, NY

Our prayer is “Revive us again, O’ Lord!”
We will be gathering for prayer each Sunday Evening from 6-8PM.
A “commodious stone building” was erected in the village of Brownville, New York, between 1818-1823, making it the oldest church building in Jefferson County. Originally, it was shared by all the churches in the village. In 1826 it was purchased by the Episcopal Church, who faithfully served this community until November 2021.
In November 1823, a young evangelist named Charles G. Finney, came to Brownville, following signs of revival that had begun to manifest here. Being snow-bound for the entire winter, he labored in this building, both in preaching and in prayer, until April 1824.
Fast forwarding to 2024, we plan to rent the former St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for the winter, with the idea of hosting prayer meetings and doing various kinds of outreaches, to see if a new church can be established in Brownville. We believe that by starting by building a house of prayer is the key to opening the heavens once again, so this community can experience a fresh outpouring of grace. If you would like more information about this, contact Brad and Nicole Berry, (315) 783-9583, and they will let you know what is currently happening in this historic old building on Washington Street in Brownville. Would you join us in praying for this?
You can keep up with our service times by finding us on Facebook.
To learn more about the history of Brownville and Charles G. Finney, go to www.finney-revival.com
212 Washington St. Brownville, NY 13615 

The Well - Winesburg

Our first offshoot began in September 2016, and is called The Well.
The Well is located in Winesburg, Ohio and pastored by Lamar Troyer
Meeting times every Sunday
Fellowship begins at 9:30am, Service begins at 10:00am
The Well Winesburg, 8451 County Hwy 186 Dundee Ohio, 44624
GPS location: 79 River Rd, Corbyville, Ontario KOK 1V0

WellSpring Fellowship - Quinte

WellSpring Fellowship Quinte is located in Belleville, Ontario, Canada and was planted in 2019.
Contact: Pastor Rick and Bonnie Langstaff 
Meeting time: 10:00am each Sunday morning
How to Give etransfer to wellspringquinte@gmail.com
Our mailing address is: 17060 Loyalist Parkway, Wellington, Ontario K0K 3L0
Please make cheques payable to WellSpring
On FaceBook, look for WellSpring- Quinte

WellSpring Fellowship - Delaware

Another church is being planted near Harrington, Delaware, since 2021, called WellSpring Fellowship Delaware
Contact: Pastor Penn Clark  or Jeremy and Cheryl Yoder 
GPS location: We are meeting in various locations at this stage.
Meeting time: Sunday Evenings at 5:00 pm
How to Give: wellspringfellowship.com/giveplease put Delaware in the memo line