WellSpring Fellowship was born out of a longstanding desire to see a new life-giving church established in Yates County, New York. While there are a number of good churches in the area, we long to be one that would be clearly Charismatic and Christ-centered so more families could come into this wonderful, Spirit-filled life.
Spiritually speaking, this vast area is known as a dry and thirsty land, in need of revival. Numerous large, old church buildings, scattered throughout the area stand as a testament to a time when there was lots of spiritual life happening here. In the natural, this area is known for it's many springs, which feed the fruitful hills and valleys and are a source of life for the Finger Lakes themselves, We are trusting the Lord to do in the spirit, what we see happening in the natural. For our part, we desire to be a spring of life so that this area can be spiritually fruitful for the Kingdom of God. 2009 marked the beginning of our journey together as a Fellowship and we are excited about what God is doing. Join us as we pursue the purposes of God for our church.