We want to provide a place for those who are in need of restoration, refreshing and renewal.

We want to provide a place where a higher level of fellowship can take place, which is the need of both our heart's and the Father's.

We believe Jesus not only died for our sins, but He died to create fellowship between us and the Father, and us with each other. This is called Koinonea, and we were created with a large capacity for it.

We want to be ever growing in our appreciation and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit , so we help others experience His fellowship, His power and His manifold grace.

We want to do whatever it takes to ensure that our children can grow up in an environment where our faith, our love for God's word and our love for each other, will cause them to love the local church.

We want to train those who want to minister more effectively by providing both teaching and opportunities so they can practice what they have been taught.

We want to provide seminars, retreats, and conferences that we hope will help many come into their calling and purpose.

We want to raise up and credential our own ministers for ministry.

We want to release those who have been trained to start new churches, do mission work and anything else that will advance the Kingdom of God.

We want to be a blessing to other churches in our country, across the state, and around the world through our relations-based outreach efforts.

We want to use every creative means to capture the attention and the hearts of those who have not yet experienced the good, good, news of God's grace.