In our church, the best place to receive personal care is in our small groups. It is where our members receive regular care and concern about how well they are doing spiritually. By most definitions our church would not be considered a "cell based" church, but our small groups are central to the life of our church. The general needs of any flock are encouragement and support followed by intercession follwed by one-on-one care and concern.

People are looking for healthy, supportive relationships, so our goal is to create a small group structure that will be the primary place where we can develop strong relationships. As our church continues to grow, our small groups will become even more essential to keep us connected.

Our goal is to create a setting where you can share with others, get to know people, become known, receive personal care, and be prayed for from week to week.

We grow ourselves whenever we reach out and care for others. You cannot care for everyone in the church, but you can care for those in your small group.

We do not believe that Christians can become healthy or mature while remaining aloof or isolated. Everyone needs the nurture that comes from being connected with others because God designed His Body to build itself up in love.

Another exciting part of small groups is caring for one another. The group is responsible to pray for and look after the needs of everyone in their group. We expect each person to use their gifts to meet each other's needs rather that waiting on the pastoral staff to do it. For example: Helping each other move. Helping those who are ill, by doing hospital visits, sending flowers, or carring in meals. Helping meet small financial needs. Celebrating significant events in each other's lives, like birthdays and anniversaries.