Our Discipleship Program
A Personalized Study Program

We provide a personalized study program that will allow you to study in your home, or at our table.

The bottom line for is, no matter who your instructor is, or where you get the material from, Jesus has to become your Master (teacher). You must become His disciple first and foremost, not ours. Our role is to simply create a framework for this to take place and to challenge you to embrace it completely.

For years Pastor Penn has been working on study notes to share with those whom God has called into discipleship. He has written many studies that help point people to the Lordship of Jesus, see the wonder of His word, and to have a deeper appreciation of the local church. His desire has been to work with those who are eager to acknowledge Him in all their ways, who want to learn to hear His voice, to discern His will, and to live in a way that is prioritized around pleasing Him. He has been working on this training material, continually polishing it, trying to present it in a way that challenges people to press in for the high calling in Christ Jesus.

In the past, people have asked for his material so that they can work on various subjects on their own. He developed a way to do this so people can study on their own, at your own pace, focusing on subjects that they are most interested in. Some people have studied from their own homes and others have come to Penn Yan, New York; so they can give themselves to this effort. People have come from all over to do this. Some have come three, six, or twelve months at a time. We have studied each morning from Tuesday to Friday with the afternoons free to seek the Lord, or to do deeper studies, work part-time, as need be. We have helped people find places to stay and part-time work in our community. We have given each student an opportunity to go on mission trips, both here and overseas, as the Lord leads. None of this is easy. If it were, everyone would be disciples.

The Plan

From the beginning of January to the end of March, we set aside time to study together each morning from Tuesday to Friday, often spending time in prayer together as a group. People can come here at other times during the year, but our group study times are not as focused and structured as they are during the winter months. Each week, you will be given material to work on at your own pace. You will also be given some practical assignments in our church and community that will help you grow and there are opportunities to go on local trips and retreats. You will need to be motivated to study on your own. You would need a good grasp of the scripture. If you are unmarried, you would need your parents consent. You would need a current passport. You would need to speak and understand a high level of English. You will need a good study Bible (we recommend the Spirit-filled Study Bible edited by Jack Heyford) You will need a laptop as most of our studies and study tools are online. You will need to begin purchasing books that are on our recommendation list. You will need to fill out the application. You will need to have your pastor, parent, or spouse to fill out a recommendation form. Contact us about the possibility of coming to Penn Yan and fill out the application that will allow us to assess your eligibility.