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This is is a publication by WellSpring, for WellSpring. It is a space to stay informed, be inspired, and learn something new. We’ll be coming to you every Tuesday with content curated and written just for you. If you’ve read an article recently that was inspiring, if you have a prayer request, if you know of an upcoming event in the community--please send it over. We’re excited to stay connected and grow together!


Happening around WellSpring


Join us on April 28 for the last Sunday service at the First Baptist Church at 5 pm. The past 10 years have been amazing and we plan to celebrate His goodness.


As we prepare to move into the new building, pray that the Lord would use this new season to grow His Kingdom and bring hope to Penn Yan!


Care Groups might be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch. What’s one way you can reach out and encourage someone this week?


Got something you’d like to submit? Send it to


5 Ways to Have More Energy

  • Most of us greatly value living an energetic life. We desire to have motivation, enthusiasm, and inspiration.


  • Need to encounter God in a moment of worship this week?
  • Check out this song.

Literature & Novels

Curling up to enjoy fictional novels can be just as impactful as disciplining yourself to pour through non-fictional guides and information. True to THE ART OF BEING, it goes to show once again that there’s at least as much beauty in being as there is in achieving.


So much is said about it...written about it...and especially sung about it that you can (as so many have) make it mean whatever you want.

On Growing Faith

Mom, but will Jesus actually help? asked Carson, my inquisitive child. Lately he's been asking me a lot of questions on matters of faith.

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