What Kind of Church are We?

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We are a Teaching Church.

Penn Clark is a Bible Teacher, which is a grace that is resident at WellSpring. Compare this to an evangelistic gift which can reside in some churches where evangelism would be the primary focus. Other churches are worship centers because they have a strong grace for worship. Our church tends to focus on teaching and training.

We want to be a Bridge Church.

This means that God has called us to help others, coming from various denominational backgrounds, begin to walk in the newness of life by the Holy Spirit. We want our meetings to be a good point of entry for those that God sends to us. What we honor is what God will honor in our midst. If we honor the King, the Kingdom will be manifested in various ways. If we want to see the Holy Spirit move with power in our meetings, we must honor our experience and not compromise.

We want to be an Apostolic Church.

To us, this means that we care about other churches and want to help them build, whether it's here ot overseas. This is apparent as we network with other churches to advance the kingdom of God. This will become more evident as we reach out to the county and help plant new churches here.

We want to be a "Car Wash"

People can come through here and be affected on every side and go out the other end changed, without ever having to become part if our church. They can go out improved, encouraged, and impacted by grace. At the same time, God will call grace-filled people to abide here in order to become part of the process that changes people's lives.

We want to be a Sending Church.

Being a sending church, involves intentionally sending out our best people to bless other parts of the Kingdom; in other local churches, to plant new churches, or to go to the nations.
This is evident now by how people are free to release their kids to work with us overseas.
This is evident now in how this church has released me to come and go as a missionary.
There is going to be a lot of coming and going, back and forth.

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Our understanding
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